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Robert FosterRobert Foster is a past session musician for a major record label in London, England and the current vice president of Lynn Massachusetts’ General Lander Civil War Roundtable, a lifetime member of The Lincoln Forum of Gettysburg and Lincoln Group of Boston. Raising his only child on his own, and now helping her and her husband to raise his two remarkable granddaughters is his sanctuary. It reminds him daily how lucky he is to share the sentiment of Abraham Lincoln, that everything of value in this world he has learned from a woman.

From The Author:

Inspired by a motherless little girl, Blue Is Just A Word: The Civil War Within is the story of a young father’s search for purpose after the tragic deaths of his wife and younger brother. It is not meant to change anyone’s mind about anything. It only wants to share that there just might be “a new birth of freedom” available to the lonely of heart when the bonds of ancient dogmas are broken or suspended enough to consider something new, and perhaps sacred. For as soon as anyone is enslaved by a belief or non-belief, the ability to know what love is, is lost. Love can only be known by being free—free from things we’re told we need to believe. In no way is this saying faith is a bad thing. It only becomes bad when one becomes enslaved by or addicted to it. Then faith becomes an all-consuming aristocrat, requiring it to enslave another; just as dangerous to the believer as an unbeliever’s lack of faith is to them when they’re enslaved by denial. Blue is the opposite of all that. It asks nothing to believe or un-believe. It’s the story of love that has no end, that requires no faith and nothing to deny. Lincoln once said, “If slavery is not wrong, nothing is.” Blue reveals what slavery is so it can share a love that never dies.

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“It is important to emphasize that this is not feigned, that somehow the audience will know
that this is no an act.” — Kirkus Reviews

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