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This blog is called A Grain of Truth. It comes from the beginning of the book. For we all have a grain within us that if offered to each other can do a tremendous amount of good in a tired old, messed up world that needs all the help it can get.


Monuments, Flags & Things Never True

Being deeply involved with several history clubs, even the vice president of one, is the reason I’m more aware of the controversies surrounding Confederate monuments and flags than the average person. Taking them down to display them in museums where people can learn...

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The Declaration of Independence

No matter how old we are, or whatever state we’re from, haven’t we all learned in our grammar school history classes that there’s nothing more sacred in being an American than the words in the Declaration of Independence that “all men are created equal.” Historians...

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Shadows & Snake Oil

In good fellowship with no argument to win, this Grain of Truth serves as our neighborhood and not a soapbox in a world fighting over the same shadows and snake oil it always has. No one has to be completely right or wrong but only let history guide us. It’s the sages...

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Why Blue?

It’s probably beyond hypocritical for someone who abhors talking about himself to write a memoir. Readers of Blue Is Just A Word: The Civil War Within, say the hypocrisy moves closer to irony within the first few pages for which I’m forever grateful. I had no choice...

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Talking to a Friend

A Grain of Truth is a new blog seeking to create dialogue for exploring ideas in, Blue Is Just A Word: The Civil War Within. The approach, as it was in writing the book, is that of talking to a friend. Having Kirkus Media, the powerhouse of reviewers in the US, Canada...

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A Must Read

Blue Is Just A Word blends music, the moral lessons of the Civil War, meditation, and deaths of a young wife and brother, to lay bare how anyone can become enslaved by anything.

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