Adam and Eve in the Garden of EdenIn good fellowship with no argument to win, this Grain of Truth serves as our neighborhood and not a soapbox in a world fighting over the same shadows and snake oil it always has. No one has to be completely right or wrong but only let history guide us. It’s the sages “of the ages” who inspired Blue’s subtitle, The Civil War Within. When asked why he could quote the bible so well, Abraham Lincoln said that he referred to it often and took “the good of it” and ignored the nonsense. He knew if the world did this, there would be no wars.

Christianity has the bible while other religions have their books that reveal “the good” within an over abundance of nonsense. By every rule of my old religion I’m going straight to hell because I no longer accept its premise. So, feeling free to shoot my mouth off while knowing what love truly is because I’m surrounded by it in meditation and in the form of two little girls— three if you count their mother (and I do), I must ask; do we really have to fight over whether or not the bible or any book is the literal word of God, or, the word of man? Men held the pens (quills actually) so we can’t discard them, as much as some of us would love to. But even if God inspired the bible, there’s no denying the editing of it was done by some of the most ruthless, disingenuous men the world has ever known at the Council of Nicaea 325 years after Christ simply said to “be good.”

There’s no debate among historians about this. Editors petrified by ancient dogmas and a lust for power threw out hundreds of manuscripts: some written by people who may’ve actually known Jesus as opposed to those who wrote the bible who didn’t. They were aristocrat/politicians, not historians! They left us with shadows and snake oil obscuring “the good” all while executing those who only wanted “the good.” All religions share this flaw that helps create a Civil War Within that makes us fight over what we believe and not over what we know. It is so unhealthy and unnecessary: this war between love and nonsense, between knowing and believing. To know love, one has to “be good”, where wars, within and without, can’t exist.