A Grain of Truth is a new blog seeking to create dialogue for exploring ideas in, Blue Is Just A Word: The Civil War Within. The approach, as it was in writing the book, is that of talking to a friend.

Having Kirkus Media, the powerhouse of reviewers in the US, Canada and Europe for libraries, universities, Barnes & Noble, Amazon and elsewhere say I’m, “one of the most passionate writers readers will likely find between the two covers of a book” and, that the story is a “rich feast” of music, meditation and American Civil War history, is both stunning and humbling. The truth is, the people in the story inspire the passion while I’m just a recipient. Feedback from readers makes me think that maybe; just maybe, I’ve contributed something useful to this tired old world. It’s all I’ve ever wanted. Publisher’s Weekly now offering to promote the book means that possibly I have. But whether I have or haven’t, the self-serving tone of this silly boasting is the last thing I want to do! Established authors and editors tell me it’s what new authors do when they believe in their story and I believe in Blue with every fiber of my being. Endless encouragement and support from my incredible editor and his staff and from some of America’s greatest historians, proofreaders and test readers, allow the tale to tell itself. The story was there, I just got out of its way. The intent during writing was always pure, guided by the hands of “better angels.”

Blue pushes ideological envelopes to the edge and pulls human heartstrings to the breaking point to take the reader through the “eternal struggle” we all experience (if we’re rational/lucky) between what we’re told to believe and what Mark Twain said, “Just ain’t so.” It does this, so we can know the things that enslave us. My wish is for readers of this blog to contribute additional Grains to help those enslaved by anything. My most precious grain, which helps me more than any, was given by Abraham Lincoln when he said, “If slavery is not wrong, nothing is.” Blue reveals what slavery is so it can explain what love is. For surely, “What the world needs now is love sweet love, no not just for some but for everyone.”